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Originally Posted by Cornf1ake View Post
ZackTheRipperC I watched your video on hill437... Gives a good perspective of what to look for in camo.
Yeah, that one was about a year ago. I have a woodland BDU and a Multicam ACU. I have switched to a full CB/tan JPC and belt rig. I will be getting the same setup in OD to go with the woodies. Ultimately woodland and multicam are the best camo to go with as they work in most settings. Believe it or not there are many areas in woods and dense brush where its harder to see the multicam. It really depends on the type of forest/brush you are in and the lighting conditions. This is all stuff you learn through trying different camo out though; it takes practice seeing what works and what doesn't. Either camo works well at the Hill.

With regards to the PB mask, as stated above, it is very difficult to ADS, and is a no go for long games as you can't hydrate, eat, or smoke if you are an airsoft smoker like myself. Better off going with full seal goggles and some face mesh if you want full facial protection. I know a lot of guys that remove the straps from their mesh and ziptie/MacGyver their mesh to the bottom of their goggles.

Realistically speaking though, you aren't going to know your preference of equipment until you have played a few games and see what everyone else does, see what works, what doesn't, what you may be lacking, or in some cases, overdoing in the way of gear (believe me, it happens often).
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