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Further updates

An updated map from the players pack and is in larger format that is more suitable for printing.

**Note that there will be some terrain north, west and south of this map that will be in play.
These areas may not have map support or might even be issued on a document much closer to the event.

Black Missions

Black missions will be an optional add-on for
squads and can be purchased online prior to
the event or onsite.

During the event, a series of special “Black Missions” will be
conducted in the simulated Subway tunnel and station. The
layout of this area is not conducive for regular game missions,
but is perfectly suited for immersive, single squad operations
against an OPFOR role-player element. Black missions will be run
throughout the event as the simulation area is closed off from
the rest of the facility, although time will only permit a limited
number to be executed.

If your squad signs up for a Black Mission,
you will receive a frag order during the
event with a narrow window to prepare for
this covert mission. The infiltration through
the subway tunnel and parked subway trains
will be conducted in darkness, so night
vision devices or filtered flashlights/tac
lights are recommended for maximum
stealth. The subway station area will be
illuminated, with the potential of cutting
power to the lights according to the squad’s
assault plan. Players will encounter a team
of OPFOR role-players appropriate to the
Black Mission assigned to them, with the
ability of taking the OPFOR by surprise in a
coordinated attack. If the players botch the
infiltration, the OPFOR will be alerted!
Black Missions will be opened for online
reservation by mid-May, and any mission
slots still available can be purchased onsite.
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