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For outdoors I would say run whatever you see fit, but a must-have is a set of great quality full seal goggles, preferably with a built in turbofan. ESS and Smith Optics make the best around. Face and head protection is up to you when it comes to outdoor play. I normally don't wear my helmet or face mesh outdoors aside from MILSIM, and even then only face mesh when I know there is a good chance of close engagement.

Which leads to CQB. ALWAYS wear face mesh and a bucket for CQB as engagements are always close and in the head of the moment it is easy to smash your head off of something or trip and fall. Some guys live dangerously (I have been guilty before of this), however it is not worth the risk. If you find a helmet uncomfortable, a hat of choice can do the trick, but it still hurts at close range.
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