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Dasright: Perhaps prices have gone up, but Paintball Paradise in Regina used to be $25 to $30 for regular games and we paid $50-60 for the bigger milsims put on by Demon, sometimes even more depending on the pyro that was used.

Today's game (9am to 7pm) was 2,000 yen which is $20. I paid the extra $5 for a big massive bowl of curry & rice which is home-made at the field. Nothing beats a big 180-person 'Castle Defense' game only to walk off the field and pick up a giant bowl of rice covered with Japanese curry & pork. Delish.

On the topic of kids, here's Taka, a 9 year old that plays along-side us from time to time.

His father also plays but again, like Naoki, is rarely side-by-side with him.

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