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Airsoft In Japan

I will eventually merge this with my other thread (Gaijin Thread) but for now, going to keep it separate and allow some folks here, especially the newer ones, to ponder this.

Originally Posted by Facebook Aqua
So you want to know one difference between airsoft in Canada and airsoft in Japan? Here, on occasion, children play. Today, Naoki here was out on the field playing along side us and his father. He didn't need to stick by his dad's side, he didn't need to follow anyone's orders or deal with anyone yelling at him, he just came out and had a good time.

Naoki is 6 years old and I watched him dash around corners this afternoon with a Tokyo Marui 'Boys' version MP5 and take out men 6-8 times his age. Why can this kid play? Because he doesn't NEED to be reinforced about maturity. He doesn't need to be lectured on respect... why? Because the respect is already there.

This is Japan.

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