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Some General Questions

Hey guys, new here, have been doing some reading and still have some general questions I would like to ask that I am sure that have already been asked...

1) ok, I have a nice shinny new gun coming, should be here Tuesday, how soon should I be looking at breaking down the gun and greasing it? And how often do you maintain them?


2) how much do some of you have into this sport?

I am no where near my first game, I have almost no protective gear besides the gloves. I hope to be ready around August or September to play... But so far, I have about 2000 invested... I own 4 guns,
A Lucid LG3 - I can't really say anything bad about this gun. Well the high cap mag sucks, always winding...
WE Tan P226 - Other than BB's coming out of the barrel on their own, good gun.
KWA MP7 - Great gun, expensive mags and accessories
and in the mail a G&P M4 Navy Seal...

Like I said, right now I can't game, I have to put the breaks on the spending for now as these guns have all been purchased in the last 5 months... so what I have done is created a target/BB catcher for in the house... I live in the city, the AEG's arent loud, but the GBB's are pretty loud, what do you think the chance of someone calling the police is on them being fired? I don't shoot them (the GBB's) often but when I do, I have been told by family you can hear them outside and for a distance. They said it sounds like a nail gun going off. I don't shoot full auto too much as I under stand this is harder on the internals...
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