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Operation Sovereign Fury

Folks I proud to state I just paid for this today. I talked to the game organizer Robert "Mac" McLaughlin. He has advised he has ran major events before in Florida so he is no big stranger to running a Mount Site game.

With this being said, as for now Force Recon has 7 ppl confirmed in going (Snoopy just jumped in and paid...OFS). I would like to encourage other Canadian Teams or ppl to sign up and go to this event. I can honestly say from the BLACKSHEEP 6 MILSIM's they provide a higher tempo of OP as oppose to what I have seen in Ontario in last 5 years. Althought this is not a BLACKSHEEP 6 MILSIM, the size of the Mount Site is a challenge in itself and I encourage other Teams here in Canada give this a want CQB you will definitley get it in this theatre. If interested you can contact Robert directly and his Phone Number is 561-704-4727. He also advised if you want to go this game if register by Teams you can get a $25 discount. He wants more Canadians to come. The trick though is having the funds, time off and a means to get there.

Despite our recent fiasco which we just triumph over we are moving on as Team for this event. Meaning practising breaches and CQB. If teams are interested in coming out with us contact us (or mention your interest if you come to NIGHTFALL 2). Beware however this event will require the propering planning and logistics to make it happen. There are no "MVP's" at this type of OP but alot of Team work and co ordination can make it a success and a good road trip to.

Major John Bucciarelli will be attending this event as well, so some big players in the USA will be there. This OP will provide your Team with a different Dynamic of MILSIM experience...small things like using effective pyro etc. and working with other groups from a different part of North America.

This OP for me is a big Challenge, huge Mount Site, twice the size of Fort Drum, come out and give it try.

1 last note I didn't mention is Robert has the event schedule for 30 hours...for safety during the event he wants the SL/FTL to schedule a 5 hour rest break for safety, which only stands to reason...having tired ppl running around there can lead to injuries.


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