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Random note - Use of crypto on frs/gmrs is against the law.

Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
Says the guy that clearly has never used that to his advantage at an op!
Alpha had no crypto at claybank, so what I did was put a command channel and the chatty squads from separate platoons on channel 2, on different subs.
So if anyone wants to scan the command channel they just get a lot of incoherent nonsense unless they have the right subs.
And it actually worked perfectly on our end, nobody talked over anyone else.
Downside is it was useless because bravo's radios went down so fast they made it about 5 minutes into game before re-tasking their radio snoopers to command comms lol
I have used it...
Radio telephony is my job, I know how it works and how to implement it.
This is why it does not work.

-You are allotted FRS Ch 2.
-You want to have 3 nets
- Sect 1
- Sect 2
- Sect 3

FRS - 2 - Sub 1 = Sect 1
FRS - 2 - Sub 2 = Sect 2
FRS - 2 - Sub 3 = Sect 3

Radios will be programmed as such.

Sect 1 = 462.5875 SQ = 67Hz
Sect 2 = 462.5875 SQ = 71.9Hz
Sect 3 = 462.5875 SQ = 74.4Hz

- A quick lesson on Squelch -
Without squelch, you would constantly hear noise. Squelch turns off your receive circuit until it is triggered either by a specific signal, or a signal with X strength. At this point, it opens up your receive circuit until the tone/signal stops.

While the squelch is open, you can hear EVERYTHING on the frequency you are tuned into.

A member of sect 1 keys up to talk. All member of sect ones radios are activated and all sect 1 members can hear. Sect 2 and 3 do not hear this traffic.

Because members of Sect 2 and 3 do not hear sect 1 traffic, they do not know that there is traffic being passed. Therefor they do not know that the net is in use and not to key up.

A member of sect 2 keys up. All Sect 2 radios are activated.
A member of sect 3 keys up. All sect 3 radios are activated.
All members of sect 2 and 3 can now hear all traffic - This is a collision - bad.

A member of sect 1, 2 and 3 all end up keying up during the same transmission.
More collisions, more bad.

Because the transmitting stations can't hear the net, they do not know that they are talking at the same time as others. 2 people attempting to talk on the net at the same time is incoherent.
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