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Originally Posted by Cobrajr122 View Post
Don't bother programming subs. They provide 0 security and will just cause people to talk over each other with enough traffic on the same main ch.
Says the guy that clearly has never used that to his advantage at an op!
Alpha had no crypto at claybank, so what I did was put a command channel and the chatty squads from separate platoons on channel 2, on different subs.
So if anyone wants to scan the command channel they just get a lot of incoherent nonsense unless they have the right subs.
And it actually worked perfectly on our end, nobody talked over anyone else.
Downside is it was useless because bravo's radios went down so fast they made it about 5 minutes into game before re-tasking their radio snoopers to command comms lol
Tamiya connectors suck.
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i never understood why the oil refinery had a brothel... i never see them at the refineries i work at this is bull!
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