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It takes less than 10 mins to program a 777/888
Once its programmed, switching channels takes the twist of one knob. Usually faster then blister pack radios.

A fixed, usually not well tuned antenna @ 0.5w vs the ability to buy a proper antenna and transmit at 4W UHF is also another great thing for non blister pack radios.

Blister pack radios are bad and should feel bad.

Originally Posted by Burger View Post
I'd seen 409shop I just didn't know how reliable it is how many times have you bought from it?
I never have, I got my 888 a couple years ago from Techseller.

My team mates orders 6 or 8 radios from them in the last 2 months though. No problems.

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The frequencies that cause the police to chase you down are usually out of normal range, like SHF and aircraft VHF
Anything that you do not have permission to transmit on is a very serious offence, does not matter what band its in. The bands are usually pretty full of background traffic that you cant pickup with your radio, but if you transmit on them it will disturb the other users.

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