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I bought a Yaesu VX7R back in 2007. It's still going strong today and has no problems at all. All I've had to do is buy new batteries now and then, which although is a pain I never have battery issues even at 24 hour games (go Lithium-Ion). I've gone through a couple antennas as well as those typically get abused when dragging myself around the forest floor on my belly. Antennas are also easy to replace though.

You can black out all the lights on it for nighttime ops, zero LED glow emitted from the radio under any circumstance is nice. It requires minor modification so it can transmit on the FRS/GMRS frequencies.

If you go with the Wouxun radio make sure to get a spare battery as one battery won't last a 24 hour game. Also don't leave the battery plugged into the radio as it will drain it if you do so. I find this happens with most radios but the Wouxun series seems to be worse at doing so than others.

When programming your radio, most radios will have memory positions. Line it up so that you program the first 22 positions with the FRS and GMRS channels. This makes knowing which channel you are on much easier and prevents you from having to memorize frequencies or anything silly like that.

Don't use roger beeps.

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