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Originally Posted by Deadpool View Post
1. ok I'll give you this point
2. Puxing 888 took me about 10 mins to programme all gmrs channels in memory (and a few other channels, like local LE ). You just need to take 30secs to read the manual.
3. My px has been to hell and back.
4. A good radio pouch will prevent loss and look cool
5. If you play airsoft and don't have a radio, get one or stay close to someone that has one
6. Puxing set on low power will last an incredibly long time. On hi-power, it'll last a whole 6 hour hard command post usage.
7. Professionnal quality headset are less available with GMRS pins if you want to upgrade in the long run
8. Charge before game or get a cheap power converter to charge in the car.
9. I'm always repeating commands to the guys that run those cheap gmrs radios because the only receive half of what I said.

Buy good, buy once.

Buy cheap, buy alot.

I have seen one too many guys absolutely fucking around with a complex radio in my short time doing this.

I get it if the more complex one gives you far more than others, but really, the one I listed fits the bill for nearly all situations.

Just as a note, the one I listed is NOT a cheapy. Its well built, water proof, and very clear. Simple enough for a new guy to use etc.

I see so many guys hanging on for dear life in the games I put on. Water, camel back, no camel back, ammo, too much, not enough, hop up, battery, spare, no name it.

When the simple thing like a radio that in most cases is supposed to be a simple listening device is tossed on, the complex ones seem to push guys further and further.

This one I listed for $58 bucks wont owe you anything and you can focus on the rest of the shit that gives most guys grief.

Just my 2 sense from seeing hundreds of guys doing radio checks. (the one thing I cringe at)

"hang on man....does anyone know how to get a !#@!# radio on chanel 5 dude?"....what model do you have?....@@#$...oh, I don't know that one man...

Then the fun begins as 30+ guys watch 6 guys fuck around....I once even saw the lap top come out IN BRIEFING.

(" no...take your time....we have all the time for you to sort this out.....")

"....Your life is ending one minute at a time..."

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