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I recommend this: Midland GXT1000VP4 36-Mile 50-Channel FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio (Pair) (Black/Silver): Car Electronics Midland AVPH3 Transparent Security Headsets with PTT/VOX - Pair: GPS & Navigation


$58--free shipping. $78 if you buy both.

1) There are 2. You loose one. (I have at my field) no biggie
2) no fucking around for hours with programming sub channels when you can be playing. (This is my personal pain in the ass as a host/field owner). Saying team 1 go to channel "x" and watching 5 guys drift off into some kind of 30 minute circle jerk to go to a god damn channel.
3) Durable as hell.
4) Cost effective as if you loose one you wont cry
5) If a buddy does not have a radio you have a spare
6) Battery life is LOOOONG.
7) More fancy earpieces are plug and play. $20 bucks for a set of the clear tube etc.
8) Includes car charger if you ever need. Again, battery lasts very long.
9) I have had clear as a bell conversations on these about a KM away through brush, rolling hills, woods etc.

Just my 2 sense. I know a lot of guys like the more complex stuff and if they are right into it and understand there gear--fine. Its just the guys who by this shit and try and call tech support when a game is starting that burns my ASS.
1. ok I'll give you this point
2. Puxing 888 took me about 10 mins to programme all gmrs channels in memory (and a few other channels, like local LE ). You just need to take 30secs to read the manual.
3. My px has been to hell and back.
4. A good radio pouch will prevent loss and look cool
5. If you play airsoft and don't have a radio, get one or stay close to someone that has one
6. Puxing set on low power will last an incredibly long time. On hi-power, it'll last a whole 6 hour hard command post usage.
7. Professionnal quality headset are less available with GMRS pins if you want to upgrade in the long run
8. Charge before game or get a cheap power converter to charge in the car.
9. I'm always repeating commands to the guys that run those cheap gmrs radios because the only receive half of what I said.

Buy good, buy once.

Buy cheap, buy alot.

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So you're saying we cannot engage in a hobby once we are older?

Children these days.
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