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Originally Posted by EchoFourTwelve View Post
I mean, while we're at it...sorry if i'm hijacking the thread, but how would one transport a rather large PC on a bus? lol
Get a lan party computer bag. I think I saw thermaltake makes one. I'm sure Antec and Corsair do as well.

Take your pick:

@ OP:

Best is to take it in a guitar case. Don't raise suspicion. Bass guitar case plus a small bag for your "amp" and you'll fit in fine. Don't wear your full BDU's or anything like that, just plain street clothes and BDU pants (it's the "fashionable thing" these days with kids and their "military chic fashion"). ie. This is fine (except replace those pants with your real BDU pants and try not to look like a hipster).

EDIT: Amp bag like this: Maybe put some band or music stickers on it to really get into the role that you're just another guy taking the bus.
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