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Not fully familiar with those l96 style guns like i said but i think the part is the lil ramp that guieds the bb from the mag to the hop chamber when then nozzle pushes it forward. In the vsr's it goes in the hop chamber and is zort of upside down from how it is on most guns. On m4's with plastic bodies amd 2 peice hop ups its part of the feed tube portion of the hop up that has the lil flat bit that goes towards the nozzle to prevent bbs from out below the nozzle when it cycles back towards the gearbox. Sounds like that part is xeformed or broken causing bbs to become jammed between the hop up/ramp and the body of the gun then when tryin to chamber a new round the cylender cant go fully forward and just removing the mag and cycling the bolt wont cause the stray bb to fall free cause its really jammed in there. Happens on we m4 gbbr but you just do a standard jam clear like a real ar and yer good as there is ample space so droppin the mag and cycling the bolt drops the bb right out. Even facing the ejection port towards the ground and cycling the bolt works most times.

Sory OP i think your best bet is to just return and buy a know bolt action to build off of. Most of the l96 vsr10 and aps2 guns will work okay out of the box have a huge ammount of aftermarket parts and a vast pool of knowlage around the bords to help you.
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