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Originally Posted by Deadpool View Post
I always say: If you think you can do the job better then do it or stop complaining and follow orders.
Just because I don't want to be a trash collector doesn't mean I can't identify that the garbageman spilling trash onto the street and forgetting to pick up some of the bags is doing a bad job.

Or more to the point, I'm neither a car designer nor an automotive engineer but I can tell a shitty car when I drive one. "Shut up and drive it anyway" is a terribly anti-progressive attitude. Specially for something you're paying for.

So point in case, its possible the leadership did suck, and he's entitled to express his opinion if it did. Its also possible the GMR guy was just being a dickhead. But the topic at hand isn't the leadership at whatever event that video was taken: its that their [GMR's] general attitude is asshole-ish.
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