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Sniper rifles dont often work well out of the box and most of us who run bolt actions put about 1000 dollers into them to have them perform well and be durable enough to last more then a few mags.
The first issue with your gun is its a ctac. The next problem was buin from buyairsoft. Im not familiar with that modle but i can say almost certianly that you wount find many or any upgrade or replacement parts for it.
You may get lucky and find it takes vsr10 or l96 upgrade parts but a quick google search doesnt look promising.
Look for a refund from buyairsoft if its new and malfunctioning. Then take the money you spent on that and buy a decent l96 (i say l96 cause it looks like the gun you currently have. I would suggest a vsr10 personnaly)
Then start savin up for the 800 bucks in uopgrades youll need. Id suggest buyin a laylax piston and steel sears right away cause those will wear out first and only cost 150-200 bucks so its better to just do em right away.
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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