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Originally Posted by ZackTheRipperC View Post
The video you're referring to is them talking about when they got banned from Op Pine Plains a few years back. That was the video that I was kinda like "Hmm.. Maybe these guys are the cunts people seem to think they are..". There's also a portion in the video where they rush into a couple large rooms, lots of gun fire, and then one of the people in the rooms starts yelling at Ronin saying "Call your hits, fucking faggots..". Again, some questionable stuff that made me reconsider my opinions regarding them.
I've been watching 10min and already seen some of them not call a hit, or take a while to call it. And that's just the ones that were obvious
9:49 gets hit returning fire through a window
ricochet at 15:50 during his super serious interview lol
16:46 gets hit in the side in CQB
17:28, another side shot in CQB, although it looked like it MAY have just missed infront of him
aaaand I've had enough lol

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