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Originally Posted by sammynac99 View Post
The onll thing I remember from a video of theirs I watched was the fact they carry 15-20 grenades each on their back. I thought I was all badass running my 2 but could you imagine the nade spamming? They must have been dropping them into the other teams spawn all day. Not calling hits etc
That's pretty normal for real life. At least when it comes to Russian forces. Smersh or 6Sh92 rigs have 10 pouches for 40mm grenades (700-800g a piece) that sit on your ass, kind of like a lobster tail, or on the belt in front. Plus 4 frags(600-700g a piece) on the main rig in front. People who don't have a VOG, pack regular frags instead, 4-6 in front, rest in the backpack with a box of detonators packed separately. So having 15-20 grenades is pretty common for a longer run
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