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Well for the record we have had 3 runs in with these guys...1rst time Ronin wanted to fight Krusty at OP PINES PLAIN in 2009...they were reported to range was looked after.

The next one was the event Reignman describe, one of them called one off our Team members at that time, "Old man I hope you fucking die of a heart attack", I have to admit we were able to keep Armed Infidel under wraps sort of speak...then another wanted to fight with Reignman...we breached a room took it dominated and they wouldn t call their hits or leave as honorable players by going outside and coming in shooting without a bandage on them...on the field we have beat them...I find only at night they become a cheating fucking nuissance.

Last year we went and didn't have a problem with them, they called their hits especially when Redneck fucked them up...I was advised by Major John Buccuirelli at OP COVE 2that the GMR was cautioned and if any complaints was to arise or safety violated they would be gone. They hung themselves literally.

Our team has never given ground to them if they were cheating, we never let them ruin our game. That is why there Range Control and Staff are at these games/OPS. You have to be smart about it and reasonable. It is a shame some teams have "Quit" at games because of them...there are other avenues of recourse.

Personally I couldn't care less what happens to them, but they have shut themselves out of alot of USA NATIONAL GAMES!


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