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gleaned this from another site discussing the ban:

Re: GMR banned from Lion Claws
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and if you don't want to join I/G

Spencer Wessels
so, as i staffed lcxII, i have the inside on GMRPLS super ban.

last scenario today, tanfor convoy must travel road through heavy somali resistance and us setting off "ied" pyro.
colonel mcknight notices GMRPLS stacking on random buildings that are technically outside of th AO. first he asks them to rejoin the group and even go on point trying to appeal to the high speed egos. they kinda brush him off but rejoin. 5 min later he notices them doing the same thing and goes to talk them, asks where there squad leader is (ronin) who is trying to sneak out the back door. mcknight gets to him and asks why they are @#*!ing off. ronin says something to the effect of (your only here because we paid your salary). mcknights RTO tries to get between them and tells him to calm down. GMRfag goes off on him.
another staff member witnesses all of it, reports to chief of staff, gets approval to kick them all out. tell em to gtfo, they act like assholes, have to be escorted out by more staff.
later, after scenario ends, theyre acting like dickbags back in the camping area, mcknight goes over there to talk to them and maybe squash it, but they see him and jump in their cars and bone out.
john lu says permaban and is contacting other op hosts to blacklist them
I futz with V2s, V3s and V6s. I could be wrong... but probably, most likely not, as far as I know.
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