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You know, reading these comments about GMR, they sound a LOT like a certain team we have in Canada.....
That started out good....then good really good gear, and REALLY full of themselves...
Ran up a bad rep for themselves; tooth chipping, fight starting, not hit calling, chrono cheating, apparently their leader is a huge douche as well.

But you know what REALLY grinds my gears, is they have the gaul to swap cylinders after chrono, but not the intelligence to put the M150 spring into a blue cylinder. FAIL.

Good riddance to bad teams.
Defenders say people don't like their seriousness, level of training, commitment, gear?
Black devils, Ronin, team swatt, the fReAkS, all VERY serious about winning, all very well trained for airsofters (some of them are vets), all committed to the game, some have better gear than the canadian military, not one of them has a huge stick up their ass. You can be really good at airsoft AND a decent person lol
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