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Originally Posted by Reignman View Post
Some of us travel to the states and have played against them. If you have ever played against them you would understand the concern and happiness this thread brings :P
Well now that they're banned can we get back to normal and keep drama to the minimal?

I was skeptical on the accusation until I saw the facebook page, the accusations dug their grave, they buried themselves when they post the response on facebook.

BTW this was posted in their forum, IF you want the hate machine, here's a target.
Milsim Event

Postby FRAG Milsim Mon May 27, 2013 1:50 am
We heard the crappy news and would just like inform you that Ballahack is having a American Milsim Op sometime in October/November (Not sure as of now) and that the staff here still has no biased opinions. Things went smoothly last time and thats all that matters.

Frag Milsim

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