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Originally Posted by Conker View Post
1. Rumors of Ronin doing coke
2. Serious allegations of cheating chronies (swapping PTW cylinders after the chrony, stuff like this)
3. Rumors of Ronin having stabbed someone (for real) a while ago.
I can't say the first surprises me. He's pretty skinny and seems wirey.

The second one doesn't surprise me at all. These fukers did it all the time at Blacksheep games and I had the welts to prove it.

The third is kinda surprising though. Never heard it.

When we went to cove that's all a bunch of the Americans were saying was that "OMG GMR is banned from John Lu games" followed by a bunch of yay's and claps. They don't like them either :P
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Originally Posted by Felonies View Post
Do you really think all 322 spots will sell out in a single day
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