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Worst thread ever. Retards flaming each other rather than discussing real information in a relevant manner.

Joe at Flagraiders was indeed talking about something like this. Federal and provincial laws, and the contractual stipulations from an insurance policy are two completely different things. If your car insurance policy stipulates you never drive over 60kph, or have to wear a pink tutu when you drive.. guess what.. They are well within their rights to not honor a claim should you fail to meet those conditions.

In our ridiculous sue happy society where someone can hurt themselves and prove negligence easily, owners need to protect themselves with insurance. Even a private field owner could get sued and be fucked, waiver or not. The real solution here if insurance companies are going to start making stupid policies like "clear lowers" (which has no bearing on possible injuries) is to go to the competition and shop around. You could also try to negotiate the terms of insurance and remove those stipulations. I am not a legal expert by any means but saying "this is stupid if you get hurts its your fault" means nothing as far as law is concerned.
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