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Originally Posted by Hectic View Post
Way to take shit out of context. Edit what i wrote to make it seem like i was calling you a name when i specifically made sure to point out i was not calling you any names and was directing it at your insureance company. Well guess what now i do believe you sir are an asshole. Have a nice day. Good luck getting airsofters to follow the rules you insureance company is trying to make you follow. Try showing them some simple facts (like those in my previous post)
Im sure just because they are trying something new doesnt mean they are not open to suggestion from their customers. Especially if facts go to show that even at 700 or 800 fps and airsoft bb is still far safer to be hit with then a paintball.
Again thanks for twisting my words trying to make me out to be an asshole so now ill say it so you dont gotta twist my words. Adrenalineguy and his company are retarded.

Originally Posted by BloodSport View Post
So the loophole I see in the insurance quote is they are referencing Air-Soft, I personally play Airsoft no "-" included, wonder what sport they are referring to?

Yes! Yes! Case closed. Moving on!

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