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Originally Posted by Adrenalineguy View Post
The judge looks at the Industry Standards (Insurance standards) to decide if the land owner and or game operators were negligent. If they were NO WAIVER WILL SAVE THEM.

So If the Insurance standard says 350 fps out doors and the land owner allows 400 then that's the same as allowing people to play on his property knowing it is not safe.

Ya totally not true.

I can enlighten you on waivers if you wish, but it seems like you are set on this.

For example, did you know if you are a host and you know a group of guys are getting stoned before the game all the waivers are null and void and so is your insurance for that event? Set a pattern, like "ya that place is totally ok to get baked", and ya...all insurance is gone. They just wont tell you till you need to make a claim.

Trust me on this one. If you are crystal clear on the waiver and you don't have bull shit going on, like airsoft and paintball mixing on a location, its air tight.

The issue here is paintball and airsoft are mixing on the premises and the insurance company is putting that under a microscope.

Does your waiver inform the said paintball player there is airsoft going on in the same place?

Free game at my place says....Nope. Bet it says you are agreeing to play "paintball" and the associated risks with that game.
(I am not agreeing to be shot in the back of the head my a500 FPS sniper rifle from a game that got off course.)

So right there the waiver the person signed is not informing them of basic risks.

We are not talking a peanut allergy here.

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