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Originally Posted by Adrenalineguy View Post

paintball created associations years ago to be at the for front of setting their own standards. so have may other sports and professions as well.

If some of you wana throw poo go do it some where else. this is imporant
right there PAINTBALL........this is airsoft things are different.....sure we shoot 400fps at .20 but then again we are shooting a 6MM bb that weights from .20-.43(heaviest ive seen) paintballs are obviously bigger/heavier and should be shot at a lower fps but hell i wouldnt even mind lowering it to 350.....but why the fuck do we need to use clear lowers.....if we have to why wont paintball guns aswell....shit some of them look just as realistic as airsoft guns do these days
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Live and die on this day
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