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Originally Posted by Hectic View Post
Well AG's insureance company is the issue then so we all have nothin to really worry about. Perhaps he should look into getting insured elsewhere.
Ag's company is retarded)
There are (Edit to 3 That I know of) companies that insure Paintball and Airsoft in Canada.

Southwestern does a ton and they have just recently. "looked at Airsoft" I believe that this new standard likely came from Europe.

Sports Can is still running the same way with the same old application.

k&K underwriters

Scratching head he says........ If one of only 2 companies adopts a new rule set that changes the standard so much.... is it not of interest to the industry.

This is an Interesting Hugely Important thread to this community guys... WTF is all the flaming and name calling about. get real.

paintball created associations years ago to be at the for front of setting their own standards. so have may other sports and professions as well.

If some of you wana throw poo go do it some where else. this is imporant

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