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Originally Posted by Mr. inked View Post
thank god for private fields
I posted this in ASC.. Because this is where most serious Airsofters stay connected.

Like me or not I am in the know, the information I share is very important and real.

Get ready to flame away boys..

Here is why the insurance rules are important to private field owners.
when someone gets hurt. and they loos their livley hood, and the only way they can keep their family home is to sue.

The judge looks at the Industry Standards (Insurance standards) to decide if the land owner and or game operators were negligent. If they were NO WAIVER WILL SAVE THEM.

So If the Insurance standard says 350 fps out doors and the land owner allows 400 then that's the same as allowing people to play on his property knowing it is not safe.

Before you jump to conclusions about my motives. We could have got an exemption for our own operation and said screw everyone else... What I have posted here was to help THE WHOLE INDUSTRY private and public.

If you have a problem with me I am really easy to find...
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