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AV revoked.
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Was there a reason? Sometimes people just need to be bitched when it's approriate.
This was all that was released on reasons why.

"Unfortunately, we have a team that refuses to follow even the most basic rules and shows total disrespect for our VIPs, staff, and other players. This teams utter lack of respect towards our military personal and VIPs over the Memorial Day weekend Operations left us no other option but to ban them. We try to work with all of our teams and players. We do not ban teams from our operations without great debate and numerous attempts at intervention.

After repeated violations and warnings, the team known as The Green Mountain Rangers are banned from all OLCMSS functions. All players who have registered under that team name or are associated with them are banned from all OLCMSS functions. Any player who ends their association with said team may appeal to have their ban lifted and be moved to probationary status pending deliberations by our staff.

All other teams or individuals that wish to follow in the footsteps of the Green Mountain Rangers by disrespecting the rules, players, staff, VIPs, and themselves are given notice that we will not tolerate such behavior at our Operations."
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