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Why do people keep bringing up the clear lowwers lol. Thats just someone speculating and we can all be almost certian that would not be implemented for any reason. The only things that could/may change would be safety related like face protection fps limits or perhaps even bb weight limits. Eithet way if some things do change its only a matter of people complaining (policy holders that is) about say lower fps limits and providing good reason/arguements as to why a higher limit is acceptable (ie a paintball at 350fps has far more energy then an airsoft bb traveling the same velocity)
And again without the OP sharing this major change that is gonna effect airsoft its all a bunch of BS we dont hear flagraiders suggesting there will be changes to the rules regarding airsoft played on PB fields and other fields that are either private and dont even carry insureance. Or other fields who operate with special events insureance as opposed to PB/airsoft insureance wouldnt be effected by this anyhow.
Perhaps the OP eithet A. Had a crappy insureance company or B. Has had too many claims over the same crap (ie missing teeth. Broken ankles or knees (due to a poorly maintained field or some crap) or too many soccer moms claiming injuries for their kids for the above stuff.
Or even more so it couod be a case of minors somehow getting admited without their actuall parent or guardian signing the waiver then said parrent tryin to sue for something. In that case they may require the parent to actually remain at the field or even play as well (not a problem for airsoft ad most of us dont let minors on the field without parents anyhow)

Either way as long as the OP feels his info is too valueable to share with those that it will effect most then we wont know what the big deal is.
So speak up AG share your secret with us so we can stop playin guessing games
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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