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I don't want to hear the flaming so save it. But this does come down to common sense. Below is a standard waiver. This waiver is like most and the corner stone of making sure the insurance company or the sponsor does not have a risk if a being sued. At the end of the day that is all that matters for either, and the insurance company is not in the business of providing a service or charity. Its to make money.

So the below is the beginning of the legal agreement you are making with a paintball place. This is the form presented to you, and as such you are agreeing to assume the risks inherent with the sport. If you, A) have never played, or B) a parent dropping off the kid---same form.

Where do you see, "at some point there might be guys playing airsoft, a totally different game on the filed, in the safe zone etc--but all good don't worry"


1) I the undersigned wish to play paintball. I recognise and understand that playing paintball (hereinafter called the
Game”) involves certain risks. Those risks include but are not limited to, the risk of injury resulting from possible
malfunction of the equipment, used in the Game and injuries resulting from tripping or falling over obstacles in the
Game playing field. In addition, I recognise that the exertion of playing the game could result in injury or death.
2) Despite these and other risks, and fully understanding such risks, I wish to play the Game and hereby assume the
risks of playing the Game. I also hereby hold harmless the “Sponsors” and indemnify them against any and all
claims, actions, suits, procedures, costs, expenses (including legal fees and expenses) damages and liabilities arising
out of, connected with, or resulting from my playing the Game, including, without limitation, those resulting from
the manufacture, selection, deliver, possession, use or operation of any and all equipment used in the Game. I hereby
release the sponsors from any and all such liability, and I understand that this release shall be binding upon my
estate, my heirs, my representatives and assigns. I hereby certify to the Sponsors that I am in good health and do not
suffer from a heart condition or any other aliment which could be exacerbated by the exertion involved in playing
the Game. I further certify that I am 18 years of age or older.

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