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Originally Posted by XXBlade7000 View Post
ok, so now that I have the HK416 nailed down as a viable option, is there any other brand with very good external quality? (besides G&P which i'm checking out now)
If i was going to buy a HK416 right now, I would go VFC.

VFC has great external quality and their internals are nice too (you may even luck out and get a nice Neo magnet motor). VFC also has great customer support, you just email them with a replacement parts list and they get back to you and ship pretty quickly (This is ideal when you loose that hard to find part - my most recent being the leaf spring and rear sight for my VFC AK).

I also like VFC as the upgrade path is nice and simple. You star with some nice Taiwanese parts and go from there. You can put 60$ into it after the fact (Tougher piston / Sorbo pad / mosfet / new hop rubber) and run an 11.1 in the stock for a nice and snappy trigger.

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