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some answers to questions

Sorry for the hijack here, we have been conducting some web crawling and came across this discussion on Google.
We have successfully shipped to Canada about 10 units in different locations and have not encountered any issues relating to importing to Canada.
It would be prudent however to check with your local site if they will allow use of our products.
Also the ghost story of the impact going off in a pocket (some 5 of them) would be a myth, as each device works on the basis that the nose needs to be the point of impact, and one device if it did go off, would certainly not cause the other devices to detonate.
Our v.t.g. offers a 3 second delay and can be used with .209 / 9mm / 10mm all for indoor use, 12 gauge which is the 120db is for outdoor use only. Hope this helps and if you have any questions please feel free to ask, thanks to the admins for allowing this post.
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