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Originally Posted by OpAirsoftBaller View Post
I actually wanted to do a thread about this myself so im glad i came across this. I also want to get into the long milsim games. My biggest question is, does some fields have power, obv a battery can only last 4 hours and i dont want to buy 5 batterys unless i half to.
Most 24hr events have tight ammo restrictions, you'll learn to pick your shots and pro-long that battery.
Either that, or pick up a bigger, better battery for future events.

Re; spare weapon in the car... I personally lug one extra with me. Something small ideally, MP40 for example. Or I'll lug the spare STG, that way all the mags are with me and good to go.
Nothing breaks up the fun having to lug your butt back and forth to the car, especially for a 24hr OP. That's just me though.

Make sure you've got rain gear, and fit for such an event. Nothing sucks more then yourself giving out while all your gear is still good to go.

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