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Depends who you ask, some people list out supplies for a week long camping trip, some people like me keep it pretty streamlined. This is based on what I personally have done at past games

regular gun, ammo, mags, batteries, etc

In your pack
Softshell jacket
extra clear glasses for night game
extra ammo
3L of water
thermal shirt
mini towel
2-3 extra pairs of socks

Carrying on you
3L water
extra ammo if the game allows
1-2 meals (depending how long you plan to be detached from your ruck)
flashlight (usually weaponlight)
red kill light, kill rag
snacks (power bars, IMP peanut butter)
op essential things (map, compass, sextant, pixie dust, etc)
And all your other regular gear

A long game is just that, a scrim that's really long. So really you just need extra food and water, for night you just need to stay warm. I never have time to cook, or pitch a tent or lay out a sleeping bag, undress, pack it all up in the morning. I'm on the go, ready to respond to a moment's notice! We're there for 24 hours, not a long camping trip lol
Sleep in your gear, wear a thermal shirt if you're cold, and always be ready to fight!
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