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Originally Posted by CavemanSean View Post
I would love to cut physical wires myself, how-ever to do this would require a microcontroller such as a arduino or RaspberryPi. finding this items (plus everything else needed) in stock is hard enough in Canada.

For example; These Guys make & sale a bomb prop that uses an Arduino, it has a number pad to defuse it, loud speaker, and is programmable via that number pad... how ever, its $249.00 for their cheapest version & they are based out of the states, so lets have fun paying shipping on that... or hell get it over the boarder for starters.

the reason we are doing this off the android is so we can sell it fairly cheaply to ANYONE out there in the airsoft community, right now the app will only be available for Android devices, but we do have plans to port it over to Blackberry Playbooks & Apple IPad's

They won't need to know how to program
They won't need to spend $200.00+ on all the hardware and labour for someone to set it up
This allows for multiple different game styles with only ONE device (a tablet) which I can almost guarantee one person in your group would have, if not finding them on Kijiji is easily done and they are CHEAP to.

I do like the idea about the uplink thing... hmmm I'll have to play with that idea some more.
Actually if all you want to do is build a bomb that count's down and you cut wire's in the proper order to kill. You could easily do this with a simple countdown timer, and a bunch of 5v relays.

Mind you, you'd need to know how to work relays and be good at drawing a diagram but Would could easily have them turn each other off in the proper order, and one wrong cut can set off the bomb, plus a correct cut would give you a nice click.

I plan to build one of these this summer
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