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Airsoft Android App (Defuse bomb game plays)

1st off, I do apologize if this is in the wrong area or if this breaks some ASC rules but I'm trying to get some feed back,

I've been playing with an idea over the last few months about setting up an android app that can be installed on a cheap tablet thats secured inside a box to play various game's on... heres what I'm thinking about for game styles


With some great luck I managed to find a coder that is willing to help me out with this project!!

so now my question to you fellow airsofter's is;

1: can you think of any other game-styles this app could be used in? if so please give me a breif over-view I would LOVE to include your ideas in the app!!
2: can you think of anything I should possibly change with my ideas?
3: (now this one... I know everyone likes free, but we will be pouring a FAIR amount of time into this...) what is the maximum you would pay for this app be? (we would include a free version, the only limitations would be, you cannot configure it.. meaning the times are set to X amount, the password will always be the same, ect..
Please fill in the poll, this will show us if its worth working our butts off in order to make this!
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