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Originally Posted by AR15_AEG View Post
Do you think I could contact the CBSA directly ( about that G&P ProKit without falling into potential trouble with the law (ex. them thinking I'm interested in importing prohibited "real steel" firearm components)?

Back in April, I saw this nice $99 out-of-stock metal body on Airsoft Depot ( and contacted the person there in charge about when it would be restocked; they initially gave me an ETA of the end of May, then an ETA of early June when I contacted them a second time, and now no ETA when I contacted them a third time. Perhaps they're having difficulties acquiring AEG metal bodies?

I will look into getting AV'd when I have the time to check it out.
Retailers have to deal with our customs as well. And our customs can be very unpredictable. Retailers also have to deal with their supplier overseas. Last time I ordered "non restricted" part from overseas it took about a month for HK retailer to receive order from their supplier. Just be patient. AR body is not that uncommon, sooner or later one of incountry retailers will have it.
P.S I know, it sucks when you want a certain part but can't order it, but that's airsoft in Canada for you

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