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Originally Posted by AR15_AEG View Post
Do you think I could contact the CBSA directly ( about that G&P ProKit without falling into potential trouble with the law (ex. them thinking I'm interested in importing prohibited "real steel" firearm components)?
Ha. That's a good one. Good luck with that. I don't know if you know how they operate but they'll never put anything down on record or confirm anything for you, it's hard to get a useful reply unless it's already prescribed in the CBSA memos with exact info (eg. how much spirits/beer/cigs you're allowed to bring back, or how much duty free you get for how long you're out of the country, or things like that). In fact, for the longest time (maybe even still) CBSA employees are prohibited from having anything to do with airsoft except in the line of duty (AFAIK they are allowed to play paintball however). Yet there are Mil, RCMP, and other LEO guys who are allowed to play paintball and airsoft (unless there are standing orders to not).
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