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Don't take this to be a yes or no but I could see that prokit being more acceptable for import. I'm not CBSA so I don't know what rules they will play by but it's probably better than just a body.
Do you think I could contact the CBSA directly ( about that G&P ProKit without falling into potential trouble with the law (ex. them thinking I'm interested in importing prohibited "real steel" firearm components)?

Back in April, I saw this nice $99 out-of-stock metal body on Airsoft Depot ( and contacted the person there in charge about when it would be restocked; they initially gave me an ETA of the end of May, then an ETA of early June when I contacted them a second time, and now no ETA when I contacted them a third time. Perhaps they're having difficulties acquiring AEG metal bodies?

I will look into getting AV'd when I have the time to check it out.

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