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Can Metal Bodies be imported into Canada from the USA?

I've been looking to upgrade my plastic-bodied M16A4 AEG to a metal body, but I haven't had much luck finding an affordable metal body available in Canada. Airsoft Depot doesn't have any in stock (and don't have a firm ETA on them, I've contacted them), and the ~$180 G&P metal bodies currently in-stock from Toronto Airsoft are outside what I'm willing to spend on my AEG.

I've looked to airsoft retailers in the United States, and some of them seem to have good prices on their metal bodies, such as this DBoys metal body from Airsoft Megastore USA:

I know that many here say that anything airsoft-related from the USA would be just as expensive (or more) than a part ordered from within Canada after shipping and import duties, however I feel an inexpensive metal body from the USA would still be cheaper than a ~$180 metal body from Canada after shipping and taxes.

I did some searching on the Internet and on forums here, and from what I've read, AEG metal bodies arriving at the border would be definitely seized by the CBSA, due to reasons such as being considered firearm receivers, the CBSA not being able to confirm their use in an airsoft gun that fires at or above 366 FPS, etc.

I contacted Airsoft Megastore's customer service by e-mail and this was their reply:
Thank you for contacting Airsoft Megastore. I have looked into it, and we will be able to ship a metal body for an AEG to Canada without any issues because they are considered accessories. The CBSA limits what items we may ship to Canada based on their FPS (feet per second) rating, and metal bodies have no such rating.

Hope this helps, if you have any further questions please let me know.
Does anyone here have experience of AEG metal bodies being imported into Canada from the United States?
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