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Originally Posted by Aquamarine View Post
Secondary weapon... A G36? Yea kid, this isn't call of duty.
Exactly what I was thinking lol

Primary; marui VSR-10
secondary; pistol, if I'm carrying one at all (they don't work so well in winter)
tertiary; if you need a THIRD gun as a sniper, you are not doing it right.

gear; UR-tactical used to have the perfect 4mag chest rig for this, had a pouch for my VSR-10 mags, 2 pistol mag pouches, carried my radio, had 4 M4 mags in it for stability (also came in handy if someone died and I needed to borrow their M4 )
Pistol holster, either on a belt or dropleg
And a camelbak

Really light loadout, 2 weapons, ammo, mags, water, radio, that's it.
Simple, streamlined, not meant to be in a prolonged firefight.
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