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Originally Posted by OpAirsoftBaller View Post
Your best bet is to go to a local airsoft store (if you have one). That way there going to have a much bigger selection in guns and gear. Also you don't half to worry about laws and such.
Bigger selection in local store? You must have very wealthy and very big stores in your area...

There's no way on earth a local store will stock every single rifles, pistols, electric or gas available on the market...

The actual best way to have good selection at a good price, is on these forums in the age verified section; Classifieds with upgraded/used but still very good guns are there, (often) at a fraction of the price you'd pay new to get to the same place (a 650$ TM Hicapa for 465$? Hell yeah), and tons of great, in-canada retailers with brand new stuff, capable of custom imports if you need it; And all that at competitive prices

That said, you'll find "better prices" overseas, or even in the US. But once you factor in Shipping, Duties, taxes, etc. You'll end up paying about the same price as here... but with delays, risk of seizing, risk of legal complication if you don't know what you do...

As for the importation laws (I haven't read the thread completely so maybe someone already wrote that):

above 366fps measured with .2g
below 500fps AND 5.7 joules -> that's over 50 km/s for a .2g projectile
Velocity have to be explicitely written on the box or manual or manufacturer website; Retailer website is usually a no go, they can write what they want in there.


Criminal code don't make discrimination between replica, airsoft gun or firemarm. If you get stupid with it, you eat the full bag of sh*t just like the guy that used a real gun to do the same crime

Long story short, get age verified; this will give you the opportunity to have a nice talk with some (probably) passionate airsofter with tons of info for you, and give you access to good stuff already in canada

Good luck!
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Real life comparison,

GBBR- bang bang -- Giggle

AEG-- merrrzip merrzip -- meh
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