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SPEED AK series triggers not meant for AKs.

Recently I had purchased a Beta Project Tactical AK from the classifieds and wanted to do some changes to the stock model. One of them was the trigger pull. Besides changing the trigger switch assembly for one that had an extended wedge, I came across a product from SPEED airsoft.

It was their SPEED AK series trigger both in Standard and Blade version. Searched the web and found that Capital Airsoft carries that line in their store. Called Capital and spoke to Jeff about the SPEED triggers. Everything was good to go with him about my plan to install it on my AK. Jeff is a super guy to deal with. I had a small problem with my order and this guy went totally out of his way to fix everything. I really thought that he was crazy and couldn't believe what he actually did for me.

Got the triggers and tried to install them in the Lonex gearbox. The pivot pins was tight to install but a little filing on the gearbox was good enough to get them to fit nicely.

Tried to install the complete gearbox back to the receiver and oops. It doesn't want to sit right. WTF! What did I do wrong? Checked everything again and still it wouldn't go in.

I then compared the SPEED trigger to the stock trigger and there lies the problem. The SPEED trigger was not even close to the shape and size of the stock AK trigger. How can this be? A bad batch of triggers as all 3 triggers I got was the same size.

Here is where the confusion begins. On the SPEED product description, it says for version 3 gearbox that includes G36 type guns. I figured and Jeff figured it'll fit AKs and G36 guns. After all, SPEED AK series triggers was the item name. Why would you say AK trigger and meant for G36 only. Emailed SPEED airsoft and got a fast reply that their description is correct. Am I that bad in my English to not understand that AKs was not meant to be used for this trigger.

Anyways, I don't want to bother anymore. I had my AK used in Canada's largest airsoft game to date and enjoyed it very much even without the SPEED trigger. this is just a heads up to any AK users that want to reduce the trigger pull on their AKs. Don't use the SPEED AK trigger. For M4/16 users, their SPEED trigger looks promising. I might want to try them later.
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