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Cybergun really seems to have some horrible corporate practices. Squatting on models instead of collaborating to bring them to market like a gas P90 by crushing the manufacturer with a mountain of red tape, trademarking generic terms like hopup or company names like Marui, and KSC.

Quick recap; what do they do that's good?

Sidebar rant now.

I have no objection to paying "extra" for trades or making sure an innovator or brand holder doesn't get swamped by a flood of China clones. That seems to be a fair deal.

I do strongly object and will vote with my wallet when the trades come in a Coca Cola font and NASCAR sized letters. I'm not some screaming Heckler and Coke or FN fanboy and don't get a boner just from seeing those words across a receiver.

If they aren't right I'd rather have none.
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