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Originally Posted by coghlan View Post
Call me crazy, but, the whole point of not allowing replica (unless clear) guns is so that police don't confuse them with real guns.

Exactly what does making an exception for black coloured guns that shoot between 366 and 406 FPS achieve????? It renders the whole replica ban useless.

If the intent is to allow guns that look real, perhaps the US orange-tip model is the way we should go.
Call me crazy, but don't wake up a sleeping bureaucracy.

The category that we fall in is 366fps-5**(?) as far as import legality goes.

The old limit was 407fps-5**(?).

Clearsoft and Cansoft is odoriferous.

A red ring around the muzzle is silly. What stops the bad guy from painting that in about 2 minutes flat, or snapping it off in about 20 seconds flat with a set of pliers.

Neon panel colors like used in UK, complete with licensing scheme. Yeah, more Government BS and taxation. Just what we need.

If these are used for nefarious purposes, and the individual is caught, then treat it as a real weapon in the commission of the offense. That is how the victim perceives it, and that is how it should be legally dealt with.

Act stupid with your 'toy', risk getting it taken away as a stupid tax. Possibly at gun-point.

Just leave the rest of us alone to the continued legal ability for responsible use of our 'replicas', please.

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