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Originally Posted by Bootrix2 View Post
I've never met anyone younger than 20 who really understands risk and consequences.

A relative example is young drivers (Cars/motorcycles). Look at how reckless they are.
What a joke this is? You know how many reckless old guys I've seen? Every old person I see with a factory tuned 'sports car' or roadwarrior grandpa I've seen with a V8 Buick trying to thunder down the road. Dude I've been in one accident and was put not at fault cause the 35 year old in a Mazda 3 couldnt wait at a stop sign while I crossed a through street.

I know 18-20 year olds that will drive circles around you on the track. As someone who has been in an accident and sees stupid people make stupid choices around him all day long. BTW I drive for a living at 19 years old. I have to honestly say. The stupid driving is far and not limited to young adults.

As for how reckless we are, guess how much youll wish it was a kid who wanted to drive recklessly when you get behind a grandma doing 20 under the speed limit cause they can't remember which turn it was to the supermarket.

Age and Experience may help driving, but so many older drivers have an ego that makes them act like they own the road.
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I know that isn't really what you asked, but it's the internet, and I like to type things that don't matter.
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