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1) True, but you can tell when it's empty, and there's an upgrade for that too. Plus PTWs do that stock lol

The difference would be you have to gas up those 10 mags, and the AEG doesn't need to swap batteries.
Anyway the logistics of the two aren't reasons to buy one or the other. And if you use the torch propane tanks they're much slimmer and easier to carry.

The big differences between the two are performance.
GBBRs tend to be better out of the box, specifically since they can use heavier ammo
Upgrades are way cheaper
Truly a milsim gun
Mags are way more expensive
Doesn't work well outside it's ideal temperature range, BUT there are solutions for that

AEG's can be less expensive stock.
Reliability between AEG's and GBBRs is actually about the same (depends what guns you buy)
Works all year round without any modification
You can change the ROF, the FPS is typically very stable, and you can upgrade to polarstar which gives you the best performance aspects of both worlds minus the blowback
Batteries are cheaper than gas in the long run (propane tanks, HPA refills, cost of gas rigs, etc vs batteries, mosfet and a charger)
Cheap mags
No blowback, and simulated blowback is just a retarded idea
people are more likely to spray and pray and be non-professional and less careful with their shots since they have hicaps.

Really cost, upgrades, and all that is just moot.
GBBRs can be made to shoot in the cold, AEG's can be made to stop firing when they're empty. And if you say that GBBR's propane is cheaper than an AEG's lipo + charger + mosfet, then that's an unfair comparison because it's not the stock battery. Propane vs NiMH + battery over a year, depending what charger you buy, is fair. converting a GBBR to HPA vs AEG with lipo, mosfet, charger, etc is fair.
Upgrades are really up to what YOU want it to do. But telling someone to buy a GBBR for their first gun because it COULD be made to shoot in the cold, is not a good reason to buy a gun.
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